What began as a mission to eliminate the distance between mushroom farms and the consumer’s plate has flourished into state-of-the-art indoor farms located in Brooklyn, Austin, and Los Angeles. Smallhold operates high-yield, low-impact farms that are all digitally connected by the latest in mushroom-supporting, climate-controlling technology. Through our design-build capabilities, we have helped the company adhere to its environmental principles ensuring their farm achieves maximum water efficiency and smart energy usage.


  • Climate Solutions assessed the project, planning out design-build requirements based on the mushrooms to be grown, the conditions required, and the budget and timeline parameters.Inspected and selected a suitable location that was able to accommodate space needed, access to utilities, and the ability to place proper environmental controls in the location.
  • Collaborated with architects, engineers, and agricultural experts to develop a conceptual design that includes layout, room divisions, equipment placement, and environmental control systems. Further defined space usage by accounting for growing rooms, preparation areas, packaging spaces, and storage areas.
  • Develop detailed design plans and engineering drawings including structural design, electrical systems, HVAC, lighting, and water supply systems, making sure to optimize space utilization and energy conservation.
  • Identified and procured equipment needed for indoor farming that included growing racks, environmental control systems, HVAC units, lighting fixtures, and irrigation systems.
  • Installed and set up the equipment according to the engineering design and manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Engaged contractors and construction teams to execute the build-out according to the approved design plans and monitored the construction progress, ensuring adherence to timelines, quality standards, and safety protocols.
  • Installed and calibrated environmental control systems for optimal temperature, humidity, and air circulation and integrated sensors and automation systems to maintain consistent environmental parameters.