Our design-build expertise is perfectly suited to achieve optimum conditions for crafting the highest quality product. We create customized solutions that make the best use of space, configure equipment, and install state-of-the-art controls that enable processors to maintain consistent output.

Custom fabrication including in-house stainless welding

Highly customized mechanical design-build solutions for the brewery, winery and distillery industries

Complete systems design including customized controls

Refining the design-build process

Garrison Brothers

Garrison Brothers, a small-batch craft whiskey distillery located in central Texas, wanted to redesign and rebuild their mechanical infrastructure in order to better preserve ingredient grains, increase their daily production capacity, and reduce batch time without sacrificing the quality and “hands on” care necessary to maintain the high quality of their craft Bourbon whiskey. Read the full case study.

Frontyard Brewing

Located 40 miles outside of Austin, Texas, Frontyard Brewing takes great pride in the way they craft their beer and are committed to celebrating memories while enjoying a speciality lineup. Climate Solutions was contracted to install ferment tanks and brewing system, including a chiller, chilled-water piping, boiler, boiler piping, brewhouse controls, and large custom walk-in cooler.