Garrison Brothers

Garrison Brothers, a small-batch craft whiskey distillery located in central Texas, wanted to redesign and rebuild their mechanical infrastructure in order to better preserve ingredient grains, increase their daily production capacity, and reduce batch time without sacrificing the quality and “hands on” care necessary to maintain the high quality of their craft Bourbon whiskey.



  • Modigent enhanced all mechanical infrastructure to increase daily production capacity and reduce batch time. System improvements include redesign and upgrades to still-house process cooling chillers, mash house cold water storage for process cooling, ferment tank replacement and expansion, and replacement and enhancement of their CDA (compressed dry air) system.
  • Doubled the size of the mash house, including a complete redesign of all HVAC equipment and process piping, in order to accommodate the increase in production.
  • A process control system was designed and installed to semi-automate the facility to allow for efficiencies in the process while maintaining a dedication to the human-controlled craft of making the finest whiskeys
  • Increased capacity of cold water storage system, reducing cooling times from 12 hours to six hours per cycle.
  • Designed and replaced all fermenters with a closed-top style, internally-mixed tank which accommodated an increase in production to meet goals. This included a CO2 control system at each ferment tank, a three-jacket chilled water cooling loop at each tank, and automated valves that allow for internal mixing and pump-out.
  • Upgrades to liquid storage tanks and pipes to improve fluid flow and increase tank holding capacity by up to three times, allowing Garrison Brothers to double their daily whiskey production.



  • Garrison Brothers are now able to complete distilling processes 3-4x faster, allowing them to double production output without sacrificing quality required to produce top-quality craft Bourbon whiskey.
  • Newly installed systems and mechanical infrastructure have added benefit of being more efficient as well as elevating capacity, providing Garrison Brothers with cost savings on power and water used in production process.
  • With expanded production, Garrison Brothers were able to grow their business, expanding their offering of fine craft Bourbon whiskeys in restaurants and spirits distributors across the nation.